Free stills photography

Events, presentations, awards and exhibition videos.

Aspect has provided video support during live events for a wide variety of clients including the NHS, Health Education England and the Skills Academy for Health. These events have included business conferencies, assorted presentations and awards, staff briefings and a range of workshops.

We have worked with many audio visual companies and event organisers across the country and the video mix here will give just a few examples of the events filmed.

Stills hotography can be provided free of

charge as part of a video production.

Filming can provide an opportunity to capture stills images that can prove to be very useful for press releases, marketing, social media and web sites.

Video and editing services from Aspect Pictures will elevate your business or organisations message or product.

Every video produced, no matter the budget, scale or genre is designed to be an engaging experience that conveys the message in a compelling and relatable way to inform, educate, promote or sell. Whether you need a single lighting cameraman or a larger crew call us to discuss your video requirements.

Aspect Pictures has everything you need in-house to take your video project from script to screen and stills photography can also be included free of charge.

Engage visitors on your web site with video content.

Aspect Pictures has a reputation for being creative, reliable and friendly and if you have a message to deliver, we will help you deliver it. A video project can be anything from a simple vox-pop, a customer or service user that has a story to tell, or a company that has a service to promote or a product to sell.

Filming is in full H.D. and then encoded and deliverd in any required format for intranet, social media or DVD. Call us to discuss your next video project.

Videos for social media & intranet.

There are many elements that you need to consider with social media videos including subtitles. lenght, the amount of detail covered and the audio. Essentially you need to explain a great deal of detailed information

in a short time frame. This needs very careful planning to get it right.

Aspect Pictures has produced a wide range of video content for social media from 'how to' videos to staff recruitment videos. Our client's have seen higher viewer engagement and a better rapport with their audience.

Training & informational videos.

More and more companies and organisations are using video for learning and training and it does more that just provide an additional layer of instruction. It can reduce costs, accomodate different learning styles whilst keeping employees engaged.

We have produced informational and training videos for a wide range of clients in both public and private sectors ranging from a polytunnel manufacturer to a company supplying cutting edge products to the NHS.