Aspect's video production services

Pre-production & scriptwriting

HD filming

Stills photography

Video editing & graphics

Music & licensing

Voice over artists

Delivery and encoding

Blue / green screen

Tell us your story and we can prepare a production plan and if needed write a script which will be sent to you for editing before filming starts.

Video filming is the very heart of any project whether a simple interview or a larger corporate, training or promotional video.

Stills photographs can be of great value to a press or marketing team and with a one day or more production, photography is provided free of charge.

Using our pop-up chromakey kit a simple office can be transformed during the editing by replacing the dull  backgound with another video or still image.

Piece by piece the story starts to come together in Final Cut Pro to include motion text, graphics and audio.

Music can add an extra dimension to any video. We will source the track from a music library and obtain the relevant license depending on the audience.

Smooth or deep, regional or international, we work with the best agencies around the country to source the appropriate voice over artist for the programme.

Once the edit is approved the video can be encoded for web sites and the intranet, streamed or it can be output to DVD with inter-active menus.

Events, presentations awards and testimonial videos

Aspect has provided video support during live events for a wide variety of clients including the NHS, Health Education England and the Skills Academy for Health. These events have included business conferencies, assorted presentations and awards, staff briefings and a range of workshops.

We have worked with many audio visual companies and event organisers across the country and the video mix here will give just a few examples of the events filmed.

Free stills photography

Photography is provided free of charge during a video production of one day or more. The filming can provide an opportunity to capture stills images that can prove to be very useful for press releases, marketing and web sites.

Aspect has a creative portfolio of stills images that reflects many years of working within the advertising industry, examples of which are contained within the slide show on this web sites stills photography page.

Video production services from script to screen

Every video produced no matter the budget, scale or genre is designed to be an engaging experience that conveys the message in a compelling and relatable way to inform, educate, promote or sell. Whether you need a single lighting cameraman or a larger crew call us to discuss your video requirements. We provide a professional video production service that includes free stills photography across the North West, Greater Manchester, Merseyside and Cheshire.

A few videos produced by Aspect

We have produced videos of all shapes and sizes for a wide range of businesses and orgainisations. Here is just a cross section of those videos. If you like what you see and would like to enquire about how Aspect Pictures can help elevate your video messaging, no matter the scale, please contact us.